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Find out the very rough approach I took to scale or optimize past clients.

All results are 100% real, videos are taken from their live ad accounts. In order to protect their data and insights the names have been removed.

Case Study: Taking off from zero

From $0 To $2.3M with Google Ads.

  • Niche: cosmetics
  • Competition: extremely high
  • Break even: 3-3.5X ROAS

The Problem:

  • The client only had Facebook Ads experience, the results there were good but not super consistent
  • CPCs were crazily high compared to AOV
  • Fierce competition on both Shopping and Search for any product-related search query

The Solution:

  • I setup a super in-depth Search campaign covering product related searches, problem-oriented, informational ones and more
  • I learned from and analyzed all competitors and took advantage of their weaknesses
  • I put a bigger focus on creative Search campaigns rather than "commoditized" Shopping, then fueled Shopping Ads with conversion and audience data 

Case Study: Heavy ROAS optimization

Improving ROAS from 2.93 to 8.01

  • Niche: shoes
  • Competition: medium - high
  • Break even: 2.5X ROAS

The Problem:

  • The client had one big fat Smart Shopping campaign that was making sales, but it wasn't really scalable and the ROAS wasn't great
  • The product range was extremely limited to a handful of models inside a specific niche
  • Competition was medium - high, but they commoditized the product

The Solution:

  • I carefully broke the Smart Shopping campaign and setup around 5 new Shopping campaigns instead (Smart + Standard)
  • I branched into countless synonyms, abbreviations and variations of the product for more volume
  • I almost tripled ROAS by laser-targeting audiences, keywords, bids, landing pages, negatives, demographics & more


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